This industrial building was originally a sardine canning factory established in 1934, two streets back from the ocean in the port town of Matosinhos Sul. It is now known as ANTIGA FÁBRICA DO PRADO, the Old Prado Factory, a residential building where dynamic professionals and families can build their life by the beach while staying connected to the northern capital, Porto.


This old factory is on one of the main avenues of Matosinhos, 200 meters from one of the most beloved beaches in greater Porto. The factory operated until the year 2000 but has since been left, as the Portuguese say, ‘ao Deus dará’ - unattended. 


Qualive acquired the building from a family generationally involved in the canning industry. Our project plans to maintain the factory’s original facade and outer character. We will be building sunlit gardens on the south, west, and east side of the building. The new design will give ample light to the 1-4 bedroom apartments, each facing inner gardens and sharing a co-working space, gym, parking and a pool.