Dom Pedro Quinto

Address: Rua da Pena 15 Porto, Portugal

Size of Plot: 2600sqm

Construction Volume:  2900sqm

Timeline: 01.2021 - 12.2022

Report issue #1

Date of Issue 29-01-2021

Next Issue 31-03-2021

Dom Pedro Quinto construction site will run for 24 months between January 2020 to December 2022. The project consists of the new construction of 24 homes on four terraced levels and one rehabilitation of the central guesthouse. Type A housing's architectural concept of Patio Homes is realized by contention around each terrace terrain to create the foundation and structure for each patio home.  Type B housing is built on the existing structure on the northeast corner of the site, which will be connected directly to the underground parking with private lifts to the B units. Type C housing along Rua da Pena is six sets of a new 3-story structure connected by concrete slabs. 


Architecture Project Approval and License of Works Granted by Câmara Municipal do Porto

2020.08.05 Architecture Approval
2020.08.24 Fire department Approval
2020.10.12 Architectural Alteration Approval
2021.01.04 Engineering & License for Works Approval

Demolition, Excavation & Contention Project Awarded

Edimarante was founded in 1988. The company has a Class VIII construction permit for works up to 16.6 million euros. The construction company has delivered works throughout the country. Noteworthy projects include the recently completed works of "Bessa Hotel" in Porto and the future "Hotel Casino da Ponte" in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Construction Permit & Date of Break Ground

The contractor has submitted the works permit (Alvará de Obra) to the Municipality of Porto on 28 Jan 2021. The approval time is 15 days. Meanwhile, the contractor is installing equipments for the construction site to break ground

On-going Tender Process

The second contract will go to tender on 1 March 2021. The invitations to bid were sent and accepted by the five construction companies with experience in detailed and quality construction works for renowned architects.

Deadline Control

The Dom Pedro Quinto construction is expected to run a course of 24 months with an expected completion date in December 2022. 

The first phase of construction - demolition, excavation, and peripheral contention was awarded on January 26, 2021. This contract will complete in four months until June 2021. 

The main contract will be tendered between February to April 2020.

Quality Control and Timeline Control

The fiscal and quality control of the Dom Pedro Quinto project is carried out by VHM, Portugal's leading engineering firm. The team is coordinated by Engineer José Pedro Pinto and consists of the following technicians::

Civil Construction Supervisor 

Vitor Ribeiro, Civil Engineer, with 7 years of experience

Electrotechnical Supervisor

Sérgio Filipe, Electrotechnical Engineer, with 20 years of experience

Mechanical Supervisor 

Orestes Maia, Mechanical Engineer, with 27 years of experience

Safety coordinator 

Cláudia Frade, Civil Engineer, with 17 years of experience

Budget Control

Construction cost is 85% of the total investment in the Dom Pedro Quinto project. Based on the detailed estimations and first bidding round results, we have awarded 7% of the total hard cost to the construction team. 93% is to be tendered. 2% has been invested in the construction to date.

Construction Timeline

Worksheet in DPV Q1 2021 Report_2021-01-