Qualive’s Jan31 project is a total rehabilitation project of a late 18th-century bourgeois building located on the iconic street of Rua 31 de Janeiro. The building will be converted to nine tourist apartments and one commercial space. Steps away from most luxury hotels and São Bento train station, Jan 31 is the perfect place for a boutique real estate project that hosts tourists and a dynamic commercial tenant.


Rua 31 de Janeiro is a historic commercial street in the heart of Porto. The street was once Porto’s busiest artery, home to famous gloves shops, tailors, and barbershops. Porto’s tramway was re-introduced to Rua 31 de Janeiro in 2007, connecting the tower of Clerigos, central square Aliados, and Santa Catarina commercial street. Although traditional fashion trade has declined, a new wave of tourist-driven commerce and rehabilitation of historic buildings are rapidly revitalizing this iconic street.


Rua Dom Pedro V 410, 2˚ Andar

4050 - 015 Porto, Portugal

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