Qualive's Ziyou Tian leads a global panel discussion on the alternative residential sector.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

residential sector

Qualive's managing partner Ziyou Tian led the discussion with co-living & student housing developers and operators in Europe, Asia, and the US.

See below a summary of the Webinar. A recording of this session can be found in the Urban Land Institute knowledge database.

The focus of the webinar is on what’s Next of Alternative Residential Market: Urban Living and Sharing Economy get a makeover. How resilient are student housing, co-living, and senior living during and after the covid-19 pandemic?

The speakers will share their views on the impact of social distancing on modern urban living concepts and amenities offered. The panelists will discuss whether managed communities can better address matters of hygiene and health, wellbeing, comfort and safety, loneliness, and social distancing. Or are shared spaces associated with increased risk of virus propagation and more public and regulatory intervention is anticipated? Are we going to see more demand for affordable living arrangements, such as co-living, during, and after the economic turmoil caused by the coronavirus? Whether the anticipated increase of working from home, social distancing, health & safety will lead to changes in the design practices of co-living spaces? Integration of technological solutions in the design and operational practices of these housing models. The resiliency of these sectors from an investment perspective will be addressed during the webinar.

A Q&A session will follow and panelists will answer audience questions.