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The revitalization of this 18th-century, two-story, single unit townhouse on Rua Dom Manuel into RDM11—an eight unit, five-story luxury residence—breathes new life into the local community while preserving the traditional appearance of the iconic street.


With careful consideration to the architectural character of the structures preceding life, we returned the building’s facade to its original state. The structure’s granite face has been sandblasted clean, the stucco has been painted white, the balcony rails have been painted black, and the height of the residence has been elevated to match the physical stature of several adjacent buildings of similar age and significance.


Entering this historical structure one finds a completely modern residence. Natural light and natural materials abound. The ceilings are composed of a series of shallow vaults, recalling a traditional Portuguese construction technique of beams infilled with brick arches. A large central skylight—reminiscent of those found throughout the city—softly illuminates the building’s spiral staircase. Stone and golden oak line the floors in a classic herringbone pattern, stone counters line the kitchens, cabinetry has been thoughtfully detailed with special hardware and faced with select wood veneers or lacquered finish. Composed of insulated glass from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, the north face of the structure is designed to offer residents not simply a view of the back gardens but an experience. With spring in mind, large windows open to native plants in bloom, allowing the scent of jacaranda, almond and pink magnolia to enrich the living space.


A new nexus for a community already bustling with popular restaurants and cafes, RDMII is home to a street level commercial space of modest proportions. This space is slated to be a wine shop offering tastings of Portuguese vintage.

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